Wordle Cheat Sheet: Upcoming Wordle Cheat Words for August 2022

A handy Wordle cheat sheet can be a great way to keep your winning streak on point, so if you’re wondering what the answers are for the rest of August, we’ve got you covered.

For a guessing game like Wordle, maintaining a long streak can be quite the feat, especially if you want to brag among your friends. It can present you as a vocabulary expert, making them search for tips and clues.

But sometimes you just can’t put your finger on the answer. So if you want to know all the answers for the rest of the month in advance, our Wordle cheat sheet has you covered.

Updated August 8, 2022.


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You can guess Wordle words in six attempts.

How to cheat on Wordle without actually cheating

If you wonder how kind of cheat on Wordle, but you don’t want to cheat completely with the exact answers wasted on you, it’s a good idea to use a website like Word Tips or Word Find.

With these websites, you can enter all the letters that you know are included in the word – as well as all the letters that are not included in the word – and it will give you some suggestions to help you guess the answer. .

What are the Wordle words for the next five days?

While some people think cheating is unethical, knowing Wordle’s answers ahead of time can help keep your momentum going, especially when you just can’t come up with an answer no matter how hard you try.

We’re not here to judge, so if you’re ready to join the dark side, here are Wordle’s answers for the next five days:

  • August 8: Unfit
  • August 9: Patty
  • August 10: Cling
  • August 11: Glean
  • August 12: Label

It’s always possible that these answers will be changed, but for now, that’s what they should be.

How to choose the best starting word for Wordle?

If you want to have a perfect start for Wordle, choosing the right word with the right set of letters becomes the most important aspect. Ideally, you should choose a word with full vowels (like A, E and I) in the majority.

Our guide to the best starting word for Wordle has step-by-step instructions on how you can choose the best word to start with. The owners of the game have formulated a certain algorithm and following it maximizes your chances of maintaining the winning streak.

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The Wordle cheat sheet contains the words for the whole month.

Complete Wordle Cheat Sheet for August 2022

If you’re looking for Wordle answers for the rest of August, we’ve also sorted them in the table below.

As soon as next month rolls around, we will update the Wordle cheat words accordingly. Remember to check regularly.

So there you have it – there’s the whole Wordle cheat sheet for the month of August. If this game has sparked your interest, you should also try other games similar to Wordle.

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