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The fantasy football rankings are officially out! Don’t forget to check out our fantasy football defense ranking also. Plus, if you love DFS, we’ve got you covered with our full season. NFL DFS screenings. Make sure you don’t miss a thing and keep checking our site for updates.

Whether you are rushing for a last minute draft or working on the first preparations, the Fantasy Football 2019 Cheat Sheet can be useful. It offers my top 200 ranked players, as well as a breakdown of positions that go into ADP, auction values ​​and projected stats. We’re still a bit far from the full swing of the draft season, leaving training camp and preseason to change the standings a bit. Make sure to log in for updates, as I will be updating through week 1. You can find articles now that go along with the cheat sheet, like our Goodbye Weekly Checklist and various positional breakdowns of fantasy football that you can find in our NFL Articles section. Below is a cheat sheet analysis, as I touch on some questions you may have about certain players or situations.

Download our free Excel Fantasy Football cheat sheet

Free cheat sheet for your Fantasy Football Draft!


There’s a pretty clear top tier with quarterbacks this season, and it starts with Patrick muhammad. He’s just finished a 50 touchdown season, and now his ADP comes in as the top quarterback in the table. Him and DeShaun Watson will come as high level fantasy weapons and be part of teams that can score points in clusters. Watson offers a little more rapid rise, but I have more volume planned for Luck. You could possibly throw Aaron Rodgers into that mix, but I still think there’s a gap before you move on to the next quarterbacks.

Matt ryan had one of the most underrated fantasy seasons last season, posting nearly 5,000 passing yards and 35 touchdowns. Defense should be better this year if they can stay healthy, and that’s part of the reason he’s had such good numbers. Atlanta plays in a shootout division, and the Falcons’ offense continues to be one of the most fantastic. The Falcons will also play most of their games indoors. The New Orleans road game will be indoor, but traveling to Indy, Minnesota, Arizona and Houston will give them four more indoor games. Get yourself some Matty Ice if you miss this first level of quarterbacks.

There are quarterbacks in the intermediate level that you may have higher in your personal ranking. A being Baker Mayfield. His ADP is way too high for me right now, and there are several guys comparing floor / ceiling projections that I can get multiple laps later. Jameis Winston and Philip Rivers are those names. Quarterbacks in a hurry can give you a pretty good floor, so target Josh Allen, Kyler murray, Lamar jackson and the other usual suspects rushing to the rise are a plus. Jackson comes in with the highest projection, followed by Allen and Murray.

Back runners

It only took a year to Saquon Barkley to establish the number one choice in fantasy projects. He’s a workaholic in the running and passing games for New York, even though they step back on offense he’s a fantastic stallion. Christian mccaffrey set records for receiving production from a running back, and also topped 200 attempts and 1,000 rushing yards. Ezekiel Elliot and Alvin kamara complement the first tier of names, as they both have a safe floor and occupy prominent roles.

Todd gurley went from being the No. 1 overall pick in the draft last season to now perhaps missing out in the draft. The knee injury is a definite concern, but if it slips too far into the drafts, grabbing a flyer is crucial. ADP will fluctuate all year round, but it’s still a good deal. However, if you land on Gurley, have a contingency plan with Darrell Henderson as a replacement. Leonard Fournette is another who has had reports off the pitch about his work ethic and then the lingering injuries. If Fournette is healthy, you pick up a Bell Cow from round two to round three, which is a good deal. Jacksonville should have better production this season.

We can talk about the recruit Josh jacobs, corn David Montgomery is someone who could move up the rankings for the rest of the summer. While he’s always going to have representatives from Tarik Cohen, Montgomery should have a strengthened role in a Bears first team. Miles sanders is another one to watch out for, as Philly could use a heavy committee, but he should have a role behind Jordan Howard as the elusive change of pace.

Wide receivers

We can dive just past the first level of safe spreads and watch some guys in new places. Odell Beckham Jr. is now in Cleveland, where he plays with a valuable quarterback. Antonio brown is in Oakland, and the area where he could fall is the touchdown. He was 15 last year, and in an Oakland offense it might be difficult to hit that mark. Brown and Beckham are still in the top ten off, but there are names that are surpassing them now. Mike evans is a big volume guy, who really should have better touchdown numbers than what he produces. I’ve seen a few places have it in the top five, but also outside the top ten.

If you are looking for names that are about to see more volume, Tyler lockett is one of them. He had 71 targets last season, and that number should increase without Doug Baldwin. Outside of the second year, Dj moore, is another name that is expected to see its target increase by around 20 from 2018. San Francisco is looking to name Dante Pettis a wide lead, and should double his goals from last season. With Jimmy G back below center, the 49ers offense should start to click more. Pettis will likely be the second option behind George Kittle. Michael gallup is another sophomore guy who can be a big threat in Dallas as a secondary option behind Dallas.

When the draft starts to get late and you have to throw flyers at the guys with the lead, that’s what I’m going to watch. Tyrell williams went to Oakland and is expected to be number two behind Brown. He’s a big guy with speed, and has tremendous playing ability. Oakland’s defense will still be poor, forcing this attack to throw the ball. Kéké Coutée will probably see his ADP increase, but he and Christian kirk are two names that I like late.

Tight ends

Travis Kelce is an easy number one, and then we have George kittle to follow. Both are elite names, but you’ll have to pay to get them. Zach Ertz will likely see a drop in goals from his 156 last season. He’s still a volume guy, and a fantastic elite producer in PPR formats in particular. He led all tight ends in receptions with 116. With the departure of OBJ, Evan engram going to see an increase in just about everything. We’ve already seen Engram thrive when OBJ was released, and no matter who’s in the center, Engram is in a great place to produce. Hunter Henri, Jared cook, and JO Howard are in this next level of tight ends that have a huge advantage. Henry is back in good health, Howard is in a number one role, and Cook is playing with Drew Brees.

Indianapolis brings us two tight ends, Jack doyle and Eric Ebron. With Doyle’s injury last season, he only had 33 targets. This number will increase when he enters the camp in full health. He’s going to cut into Ebron’s fantasy production at times, and so will Perris Campbell. There’s a chance this situation will be tricky to fancy, where you end up with hiccups on certain weeks. Hilton seems to be number one in this place where sporadic production stems from everyone.


It is quite clearly the Chicago Bear and log off for the board’s best defense. Following ? I have the The Los Angeles Rams. They’ve been in the top five defensemen over the past two seasons, and the additions of Dante Fowler and Clay Matthews are big improvements. Houston, Minnesota, Jacksonville, and the Los Angeles Chargers are other strong options. If you are looking for a deeper value, the Bison Tickets are a great end-of-tour flyer. There are mid-level teams like Kansas City, Denver, and Pittsburgh this can give you some value to the position in drafts.


We have two other articles on kickers: Kicker Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet & stats & Kicker Fantasy Rankings, so this section will be brief. Choosing kickers is pretty easy. Find offenses that score points and move the ball. You get the volume you need for your kicker to kick. The second strategy is to find good defensive teams with medium to above average attacks that will move the ball and allow your kicker to kick. Some teams can get aggressive and kill volume.

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