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  • Need a sheet of Super Bowl squares to print before Bucs vs Chiefs? We have what you need.
  • Download the file for your pool below.

Have a great Super Bowl weekend!

No matter what your celebrations look like, we’ve got the board games covered with our Super Bowl Squares printable sheet. Find out below how to download the sheet and organize your pool.

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Printable Super Bowl Squares Sheet

Click here or the image below to download and print your Super Bowl Squares sheet.

How to use our sheet

There are four basic steps to creating a pool of Super Bowl squares.

  1. Print your sheet.
  2. Determine a standard “buy-in” price for each square – this will determine the amount of the overall pot in the jackpot. So with 100 squares at a rate of $ 5 per square, there would be a pot of $ 500.
  3. “Sell” the 100 squares to your pool mates – friends, family, co-workers, anyone! – and indicate their names in the number of squares they bought. Do not fill in the numbers until the squares have names written down, otherwise the first participants will take the best numbers.
  4. We’ve already placed each team on an axis of the sheet, so you don’t need to assign a team to each side. Just randomize the numbers 0-9 by choosing them from a hat (or using this site!) and assign them to a location along the “x” axis (Chefs), then repeat the same process for the “y” axis (Bucs).

Here is a random example:

How to pay for Super Bowl squares

Let’s stick to the example of the $ 500 pot. You can use any percentages you want, but here’s a simple payout breakdown:

  • First shift: $ 75 (15%)
  • Half time: $ 150 (30%)
  • Third quarter: $ 75 (15%)
  • Final: $ 200 (40%)

Let’s say you have Buccaneers 7 and Chiefs 0 as one of your combinations. If the Bucs lead 7-0 after the first quarter – or lead 17-10 or lag 10-7 – you would cash that quarter and make $ 75.

If the final score is Bucs 37-30, you will also win the final score and cash 40% of the pot.

There are many ways to structure payouts, including awarding the entire pot to the final score winner or paying out on every score change.

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