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Saturday night hockey is here, and with that – we have a list of eight games up for grabs tonight. The Oilers are on the roster – so the main question of the night will be what to do with them as they face Vancouver in a Western Canada squad battle. Let’s take a look at some thoughts for the slate tonight and end it with a cheat sheet with some of the best pieces on the board for DraftKings NHL DFS on Saturday, October 30!

  • The Big Oilers’ guns will be hugely popular tonight – and you’ll need to make a call to find out how to approach them. It’s hard not to overload them in a game against the Canucks, who have struggled to keep goals off the board so far this season – and with that in mind, I like the idea of ​​being overweight here. If you wanted to roll the dice, there are a lot of teams in good places tonight – so the game theory angle might be intriguing – but with the way Edmonton plays to start the season, it blurs them or becomes underweight on EDM1 / EDM PP1 in large deposited GPPs is quite risky (and even more in cash).
  • The Leafs are overwhelmingly favorite -300 at home against Detroit tonight. I just don’t understand. Sure – on paper they should probably win this game with ease – but they were dismal to start the season, and although they had two points last time around – it was against the Hawks in overtime. The game theory angle for a fade in here is pretty intriguing to me – sure there is a risk – but you’ve got to make a few calls somewhere and the idea of ​​doing away with the big guns for Toronto tonight vs. a Detroit team that has played well to start the season.
  • To go further, I don’t mind the place for DET1 / DET PP1 tonight against Toronto. Mrazek returns to the net for the Leafs tonight following his injury and with Jake Muzzin looking far from his usual defensive stance to start the season, I like the idea of ​​being overweight in GPP, and I would consider a few. chunks of for the money if you wanted a bit of construction against the grain. Speaking of Mrazek, it costs $ 6,500 tonight and will be hugely popular. It’s hard to argue with its use in gambling for a favorite of -300, but in GPPs I like the idea of ​​making it go away tonight.
  • Despite the focus on two games above, there are plenty of other teams in good places tonight. The Blues face a Hawks team that has been dismal to start the season and I love the place for STL1 tonight. Perron has been off to a great start to the season and I’ve always been a huge fan of Kyrou’s game, who now skates with Perron and Schenn on the front row.
  • If you’re looking for a low-cost stack that I love tonight, CGY2 is a great option. I love what I’ve seen of Blake Coleman (the FC algo has been the pilot of Blake Coleman’s fan club for years), and with Coleman staking with Backlund in the second row, you can field them for 4,500. $ and $ 3,200 respectively. My favorite way to approach CGY2 would be to use 2 man stacks, but you can use Pitlick for a minimum price if you want a third piece. He usually does enough with BS / SOG not to be a dud, and if they manage to make their way onto the scoresheet, this trio could be a great late-night hammer to complete a high stack on the table. one of the night’s elite rugs.

Checklist – DraftKings & FanDuel

$ Level VS W D g
High Auston matthews (8.4k / 24.59) (8.5k / 27.17) Gabriel Landeskog (6.6k / 14.86) (7.4k / 18.88) Brent Burns (6.6k / 13.54) (5.2k / 13.83) Tristan Jarry (8k / 12.68) (7.7k / 17.78)
Nathan MacKinnon (8.6k / 22.78) (9k / 27.22) Guillaume Nylander (6.5k / 17.10) (6.9k / 21.74) Dougie Hamilton (6.7k / 12.57) (6.6k / 14.21) Jacob Markstrom (8.2k / 13.37) (7.4k / 18.68)
Connor mcdavid (9k / 28.05) (9.7k / 34.82) Timo meier (7.1k / 11.52) (6.6k / 14.10)
Matthew Tkachuk (7k / 13.81) (6.6k / 17.16)
Average Elias Lindholm (6.9k / 15.40) (7.5k / 19.36) Mitchell marner (5.9k / 14.95) (6.8k / 18.00) Neal pionk (5.2k / 9.51) (5k / 11.80) Mikko Koskinen (7.9k / 12.54) (8k / 16.76)
Sidney crosby (5.5k / 16.10) (7.9k / 20.06) Ryan nugent hopkins (5.6k / 11.67) (6.8k / 15.24) Morgan rielly (5.3k / 11.96) (5.9k / 14.63)
Logan Couture (6.8k / 9.40) (5.6k / 11.57) Zach Hyman (5.7k / 13.16) (6.8k / 16.31) Colton Parayko (4.9k / 10.68) (4k / 11.35)
Blake coleman (4.5k / 10.55) (4.7k / 12.75) Tyson barrie (4.8k / 12.71) (5.6k / 15.60)
Moo Bo Horvat (4.8k / 10.48) (6k / 12.65) André Bourakovsky (3.9k / 10.58) (4.8k / 14.20) Jean Marin (3.9k / 7.08) (3.7k / 8.65) Petr Mrazek (6.5k / 14.69) (8.2k / 20.65)
Kirby dach (4.5k / 6.06) (5.4k / 7.90) Michael bunting (4k / 12.87) (4.2k / 15.32) Moritz Seider (3.6k / 7.49) (4k / 8.95)
Mikael backlund (3.2k / 9.89) (4.1k / 12.33) Tyler pitlick (2.5k / 7.22) (3.6k / 8.15) Jake muzzin (3.4k / 12.98) (4k / 15.18)

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