NEET 2022 LIVE Updates: NEET UG admits cards, checks dress code and prohibited items

NEET 2022: All candidates who will appear for the NEET UG 2022 on July 17 are invited to consult the list of prohibited items below:

Candidates will be subjected to intensive and compulsory searches before entering the examination center using highly sensitive metal detectors. Under no circumstances are candidates allowed to carry the following items inside the examination center.

a) Any item such as textual material (printed or written), pieces of paper, geometry/pencil box, plastic sleeve, calculator, pen, scales, notepad, USB drives, an eraser, a calculator, a dashboard, an electronic pen/scanner, etc. .

b) Any communication device such as mobile phone, Bluetooth, headphones, microphone, pager, health bracelet, etc.

c) Other items like wallets, glasses, purses, belts, caps, etc.

d) Any watch/wristwatch, bracelet, camera, etc.

e) All ornaments/metallic items.

f) Any open or packaged food, bottled water, etc.

g) Any other item that could be used for unfair purposes, hiding communication devices like microchip, camera, Bluetooth device, etc.


No provision will be made in the centers to keep the articles/objects belonging to the candidates.

Candidates carrying articles or objects of faith (customary/cultural/religious) must report to the test center at least two hours before the last time of presentation so that there is sufficient time to search properly without any inconvenience for the examinee while preserving the sanctity of the examination.

If during screening it is discovered that a candidate is in fact carrying a suspicious device under this article of faith, they may be asked not to bring it into the exam room.

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