Need to find a bathroom in New York? Try TikTok.

Alanna Ramirez, who grew up in New York and runs a brewery in the Bronx, follows Ms Siegel’s TikTok account, shared Ms Siegel’s Google map with friends and recently submitted a bathroom location. She said she and her friends had been hoping for years that someone would create such a resource.

“When I saw the TikTok, I sent it to everyone,” said Ms Ramirez, 26. “I was, like, it’s finally happening.”

Wansoo Im, an associate professor at Meharry Medical College in Nashville, was inspired to create his own participatory map, New York toiletsby the difficulty he encountered during a visit to the city with his family in 2004.

Almost two decades after first publishing the card, Dr Im, 56, says he still hears of people using it. “I still get emails from time to time about how much they appreciate it,” he said.

Alice Xiao, who works in the technology industry, recently launched a map application, Toodle Loo, which offers participatory bathrooms in New York and other cities. She said she prides herself on making bathrooms easier to find.

“There is power in community and sharing,” said Ms Xiao, 26.

For some people, toilet maps and lists are a necessity. In New York State, the Equity in Crohn’s Disease and Colitis Act requires companies to let people with certain medical conditions use employee restrooms if public restrooms are not available.

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