Best Animated Short Film Oscars 2022 Cheat Sheet: All 15 Semi-Finalists with Detailed Descriptions

If there’s one category that may be the hardest to predict at the Oscars, it’s probably a triple tie with all of the shorts categories. This can be particularly difficult to do for nominations. But fear not dear Derbyites because we are here to help! The shortlist of these categories having been revealed, we give you every chance to make the right choices in our prediction center. To help you out, we’re giving you all the details on the 15 finalists for Best Animated Short.

“Business of Art” – A quirky family demonstrates their weird but somewhat charming obsessions.

“Angakusajaujuq: the apprentice shaman” – For her first test, a young shaman must venture underground to meet Kannaaluk, who has the answer as to why a member of the community became very ill.

“Bad Seeds” – A world of shape-shifting carnivorous plants is used to demonstrate a confrontation that has allusions to both Westerns and the Cold War.

“Bestia”- In 1975 Chile, an employee of the country’s intelligence agency has connections that show a dark rift both in her mind and in the country as a whole.

“Boxballet” – Worlds collide when a graceful ballerina meets a gruff, rude boxer.

“Flow at Home” – Two sisters are separated as a result of the Vietnam War, one fleeing to Malaysia and the other staying with their parents. A journalistic relationship will define their lives until their reunion 15 years later.

“Mom falls in the rain” – Jane spends Christmas with her grandparents because her mother suffers from depression. As Jane experiences the holidays as an adventure and begins to open up to others, she also inspires her mother to return to an emotionally healthy path.

“The musician” – In ancient Persia, a young musician and his true love are separated when the Mongols attack.

“Namou” – The euphoric and darkest parts of a painter’s life are shown and built around a symbolic tree. The movie is from Eric Ohnominated last year for “Opera”.

“Only a Child” – 20 different animation directors give the visualization to Suvern Cullis – Suzuki A 1992 speech at a United Nations summit in Rio de Janeiro in which a child desperately calls for action to save the planet.

“Robin-Robin” – When a bird that has been raised by mice all of its life begins to wonder what its place in life is, it leads to a journey of reflection and discovery. Currently streaming on Netflix, this short from Aardman Animation features the voice acting of Richard E. Grant and Gillian Anderson.

“Memories memories” – For 10 years, a director tries to build a film from his grandfather’s memories of the Algerian war.

“Enter the River” – Two children from rural China often venture to a nearby river to spend time with their fathers. The river has a dark history due to China’s infamous one-child policy.

“Us Again” – This Disney short film tells how, during a rainstorm, an elderly couple become young again.

“The Wiper” – A man inside a cafe smoking a pack of cigarettes asks himself “What is love” and goes through a series of vignettes that will lead him to his answer.

The category has generally had a preference for shorts involving animals, as seen in all of the winners from 2013 to 2016: “Mr. Hublot” (2013), “Feast” (2014), “Bear Story” (2015) and “Piper” (2016). Only one of this year’s shortlisted shorts fits that mold: “Robin Robin.” But given that the Academy hasn’t made an animal-themed short in four years, it might not be as safe a bet as it would have been last year.

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