All defendants released on bail after being exonerated from Mumbai Sessions court order

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Bombay: A magistrate court has granted bail to Niraj Bishnoi, Aumkareshwar Thakur and Neeraj Singh, defendants in the Bulli Bai case. the court ordered them to provide bonds of Rs. 50,000 and sureties. The defendant will also have to go to the cyber police station once a month until the end of the trial. The court also granted them interim cash bail for eight weeks until they could secure bail, lawyer Shivam Deshmukh said according to a report in the newspaper. Free press journal.
Earlier this year in April, a trial court denied bail to three defendants in the case, including Aumkareshwar Thakur and Neeraj Bishnoi, while granting bail to three other co-defendants – Vishal Jha, Mayank Rawat and Shweta Singh. The bail applications before the magistrate had been filed on the grounds that the indictment had already been filed in the case.

The “Bulli Bai” application is said to have been created by Neeraj Bishnoi using the Github platform. The app hosted photographs of more than 100 Muslim women for “auctions”. Among the targets were several women activists, journalists and lawyers. Although there were no actual auctions or sales, the intent of the app appeared to be to humiliate and intimidate the targeted women, many of whom were active social media users.

Police, in their indictment filed in March, said Neeraj Bishnoi asked a co-defendant to send photographs of 100 “non-BJP Muslim celebrity women” to auction on the app. The indictment also states that Neeraj Bishnoi was the first to share the link of the Bulli Bai app on his Twitter group and that all members of the group were fully aware of the purpose of the app which was to target Muslim women.

The app had sparked public outrage, following which Mumbai Police and Delhi Police started investigating the matter.

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