What has Whitney Bischoff Angel been up to since Chris Soules’ season of ‘The Bachelor’?

It’s hard to believe that The single person has been on the air for 26 seasons. Over the years, fans and followers have come to know and love the lucky contestants who joined the show as well as the lovely ladies who appeared alongside ABC’s singles.

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Sean Lowe, Matt James, and Peter Weber were among the show’s most unforgettable bachelors and cast members to star in the well-known franchise. Chris Soules is another former contestant who is one of The single personmost memorable men. Soules’ season included Bachelor Nation classics like Ashley Laconetti and Kaitlyn Bristowe, and, of course, season 19 winner Whitney Bischoff Angel.

What has Whitney Bischoff Angel been up to since Chris Soules’ season of ‘The Bachelor’?

In March 2015, fans and viewers watched Soules’ season finale and Whitney Bischoff Angel accepted his romantic proposal. However, after six months of engagement, the couple separated.

Since then, a lot has happened for Whitney Bischoff Angel. As many may assume, based on her new name, the former reality TV star is married. People shared that Whitney Bischoff Angel and Ricky Angel first met on popular dating app Bumble in 2015. The two hit it off and made their love official in 2017 when they tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Cape Cod.

How many children does Whitney Bischoff Angel have?

Currently, Whitney Bischoff Angel and her boyfriend have a beautiful child. In May 2019, the former reality TV star and her husband welcomed Hayes Singleton Angel into the world.

In a instagram post, Whitney Bischoff Angel wrote, “He definitely has his mother’s Kentucky blood debuting on Derby Day and his father’s fine hair and sweet temper.” Making the birth of their son even more meaningful, she went on to explain, “This angel was truly heaven-sent on the anniversary of my mother’s passing – there’s no doubt he was hand-delivered.” Soon ready to celebrate their son’s third birthday, the Angel family seems happier than ever.

Whitney Bischoff Angel’s time on ‘The Bachelor’

When Whitney Bischoff Angel Ended The single person season 19 together, fans, viewers and, of course, herself thought they had found her happily ever after. Throughout Soules’ season, Whitney Bischoff Angel’s connection to him and her transparent feelings for The single person star made her a favorite.

However, as storylines often unfold in Bachelor Nation, things quickly turned sour when the show ended. E! shared some of the details behind the couple’s decision to call it quits. According to Soules, the duo struggled to make their relationship work in the “real world.”

As the Iowa native explained, “They just throw you out into the world… It’s quite traumatic, actually. You spend two months dating like crazy and then all of a sudden there are no cameras, nothing. Nobody tells you what to do, which is fine, but it’s also a transition.

If the couple were free of cameras, Soules, on the other hand, participated in Dancing with the stars, which made the couple’s schedules and reality even more difficult. The split was reported as mutual and friendly, but a source close to the reality TV stars shared that the split left Whitney Bischoff Angel “heartbroken”.

While it may have been a tough breakup for her, in retrospect it seems like it all worked out in the end. Unlike his famous ex, Soules is always looking for “the one”. Fans and followers probably remember when he got together with fellow Bachelor Nation star, Victoria Fuller, but as ScreenRant shared, they did not end up working out.

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