Ranking prop betting results for your Rams vs Bengals watch party

Grade your Super Bowl prop sheet? We’re tracking results for key props like the 2022 Super Bowl draft and MVP below.

Super Bowl Prop Sheet Results

  1. Result of the draw? Heads / Tails
  2. First offensive play of the match? To rush / Past
  3. Total touchdowns scored? Over 5.5 / Under 5.5
  4. The half with the best score? first second
  5. Who will have more finishes? Rams QB Matthew Stafford / Bengals QB Joe Burrow
  6. Who will finish with the most rushing yards? Rams RB Cam Akers / Bengals RB Joe Mixon
  7. How many receiving yards will the Rams WR Cooper Kupp and Bengals WR Ja’Marr Chase combine? Over 175.5 / Under 175.5
  8. Who will score the first touchdown of the game? Odell Beckham Jr.
  9. What color gatorade will be “dropped” on the winning trainer? [fill in the blank with a color]
  10. Who will win the Super Bowl MVP title? [fill in the blank with a player name]

Tiebreaker: How many total yards will the Rams and Bengals combine? [fill in the blank with your best guess]

“Print our Super Bowl squares sheet”

Super Bowl Prop Sheet

Whether you’re hosting a watch party or just looking for a way to invest in the Rams vs. the Bengals, our Super Bowl prop sheet is the ultimate addition to Sunday’s big game.

You can either download the sheet as a PDF to print or save it as an image to your phone to fill it in from there. Let’s quickly see how to do both.

How to Print This Super Bowl Prop Sheet

  1. Click here to download the accessories sheet in PDF format to print.
  2. Select the printer icon in the upper right corner of your browser or select “File” then “Print”.
  3. Fill in with a pen before the draw!

How to save this Super Bowl prop sheet to your phone

  1. Click here or the image below to download our accessory sheet to your phone’s photo library.
  2. Save the image to your phone’s photo library.
  3. Go to your photo library’s “edit” settings and select your device’s “draw” tool to start filling it in! Here are more detailed steps if you have an iPhone: (1) Select “edit” in the upper right corner of the photo; (2) Click the three dots in the upper right corner; (3) Select “markup;” (4) Circle your answers to the multiple-choice options and “write” in your answers to the blanks to be filled in.

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