Dubai Tuition Fees Factsheet: Full List of Payments You Need to Make Each Year – News

The service is now live for schools starting their school year in April

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Published: Tue, April 12, 2022, 3:27 PM

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) recently released a school fact sheet which gives parents a breakdown detailing all the fees a school may charge them during a school year.

The emirate’s education regulator said the tuition information sheet will provide parents of private school students with comprehensive and reliable information.

The service is now live for schools starting their school year in April and will soon be available for schools starting their year in September.

How will the fact sheet help parents?

The resource also aims to promote transparency in information about their children’s tuition and would allow them to choose schools in their neighborhoods based on their budget, as it allows parents to understand the complete structure at a glance. school tuition fees.

It will help them make better decisions about their children’s school, as it provides verified information regarding transportation costs, uniforms, extracurricular activities, school trips, and books, among others.

Each private school will have a tuition information sheet and make it available to parents before the start of the 2022/23 school year.

Where can parents find information about a school in Dubai?

An icon on the right side of the KHDA website page reads: “Find your tuition information sheet here”!

When parents click on it, they are automatically taken to a page that says Find Schools on the left panel. Parents must enter the school name or, conversely, use the advanced search options if they wish to sort by DSIB ranking.

On the right panel, one can see the names of all the schools in Dubai which point to a clickable icon reading the fee information sheet. For most schools starting their school year in September, the service is currently offline.

Here is a sample tuition information sheet

How long is the tuition information sheet valid for?

The tuition information sheet is valid for one school year and can be checked by scanning the QR code on the document.

How do I access my child’s Tuition Fee Sheet directly?

According to KHDA, in addition to accessing each school’s tuition information sheet through their directory, it is also available online with the parent/school agreement.

Each school will also post its own fact sheet on its website.

What fees are regulated by the KHDA and is there a difference between mandatory and optional fees?

Tuition fees, including application, registration and re-registration fees, are regulated by the Dubai education regulator. The KHDA does not regulate costs that are not directly related to the delivery of the program, such as transportation and uniform (unless provided by the school), school trips, or extracurricular activities.

Compulsory fees are approved and regulated by KHDA. Optional fees are generally not part of the program delivery. They are provided by the school or a third party and are governed by agreements between parents and schools.

Books and uniforms are mandatory, with some schools giving parents a choice of where they can be purchased.


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