Tata Digital’s aim is to be a trusted partner for a better life for Indian consumers, says N Chandra

N Chandrasekaran, Chairman of Tata Sons India, said on Thursday that his goal at Tata Digital is to be a trusted partner for a better life for the Indian consumer. He said India has a huge consumer base that is very ambitious and growing every year.

“Our goal at Tata Digital is to be a trusted partner for a better life for the Indian consumer,” said Chandrasekaran, adding that currently no solution is developed with the Indian consumer in mind.

“Over the past decades, Tata Group has created multiple consumer platforms, from fashion to financial services. But all platforms operate in silos. With Tata Neu, we have brought everything together under one platform,” he said. declared.

The chairman of Tata Sons said it brought a lot of synergy to the group and massively expanded the value proposition for the Indian consumer.

“With the breadth of opportunity in commodity trading, service trading and financial services, we believe we will make Tata Neu a one-stop-shop to meet Indian consumer demand,” he said.

He said Tata Neu’s core playbook is rooted in the idea of ​​’brigital’, which will play out and manifest in many Indian consumer use cases.

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He said the proportion of value is to simplify the life of the Indian consumer. “Our goal is to think about every situation in a consumer’s daily life and integrate it seamlessly into our awesome app,” he said.

The first version of the app launched today, which he says is the starting point.

NeuPass has a loyalty program on every touchpoint to earn and consume. It also makes instant loans very easy and consumption also becomes simpler, he said, adding that the NeuPass value proposition will continue to be improved.

He said he had a lot of thoughts on how powerful NeuPass is, given their ecosystem. “We are working on a number of categories, services and technology innovations, including an AI-based personal assistant for consumers,” he said.

He said that although the launch has all the services of Tata stable, Tata Neu is built on an open architecture and offers can come from Tata stable or outside. “NeuPass will go beyond the Tata Group at some point,” he said.

The chairman of Tata Sons said that the Tata Neu project took them two years. “We calibrated it all the way and launched it at the right time,” he said, adding that he had been overwhelmed with the response in recent days in terms of downloads and transactions.

He said there were a lot of critical inputs and questions coming up and they wanted them to come. “We look forward to more such contributions, reviews and comments to help us think further. The insights we receive will accelerate our journey and refine our offerings,” he said.

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