Strong Bandwidth Dynamics in Healthcare Fuels Transformation of Telehealth from Large Enterprises to Application Developers


RALEIGH, NC, Nov. 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Bandwidth Inc. (NASDAQ: BAND), a leading global enterprise cloud communications company, today announced continued strong momentum in healthcare as the company fuels the transformation from digital communications to telehealth to large enterprises application developers.

“The value of bandwidth for healthcare providers is our ability to deliver a single, unified software platform for all of their digital patient engagement needs,” said Brad Roldan, vice president of products at Bandwidth. “With a full suite of communications solutions including messaging, voice calls, video and more, Bandwidth provides the tools needed to deliver a better and more engaging patient experience. “

As the global pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital communications with patients, telehealth is here to stay. It now offers an opportunity to reinvent care, leading to “better access to health care, results and affordability,” according to McKinsey. (1) By 2023, GartnerⓇ estimates that “virtual encounters will surpass face-to-face care-giving encounters, resulting in a dramatic realignment of clinical care and healthcare IT. “(2) Meanwhile, patients want more digital communication, especially text messaging, from their healthcare provider – and age is less of a barrier to electronic forms of communication, according to a 2021 HIMSS survey sponsored by SR Health. (3)

To enable this digital transformation, bandwidth is trusted by hospital systems, healthcare and life science customers to move legacy telephony to the cloud and leverage bandwidth messaging, voice and 911 in critical use cases, including appointment reminders and patient scheduling, prescribing, dose and refill pickup, vaccine notification, medical billing and admission forms, and wards. virtual waiting. All of this is backed by Bandwidth’s team of experts, who help the healthcare industry navigate complex and changing communication rules and regulations with the goal of providing customers with the solutions that are best for them and their clients. patients.

As a result, bandwidth has become the platform of choice for some of the largest and most innovative healthcare companies. For example, a $ 16 billion Fortune 200 managed care provider, at the forefront of patient communication, recently selected Bandwidth to move its contact center operations to the cloud. The bandwidth was able to power the customer’s entire communications stack and provide tools and automation to manage the system without requiring special telecommunications expertise.

Bandwidth also powers some of the leading developers of patient engagement applications, including Providertech, Solutionreach, Weave, and Yosi Health. Yosi Health helps healthcare providers reduce patient no-show rates and increase confirmation rates using Bandwidth’s software platform and messaging APIs.

More information on Bandwidth’s healthcare-specific offerings, including a fact sheet on Creating a Better Healthcare Experience and other resources, is available here.

(1) McKinsey, “Telehealth: A Quarter-Billion-Dollar Post-COVID-19 Reality? By Oleg Bestsennyy, Greg Gilbert, Alex Harris and Jennifer Rost, July 9, 2021. (2) Gartner, “Create Connected Care Pathways That Bridge Consumer and Healthcare Provider Activities”, by Mark Gilbert and Susan Hull, updated April 30, 2021. (3) HIMSS 2021 survey, “Patient Communication Preferences in 2021”, sponsored by SR Health, May 2021.

About Bandwidth Inc.Bandwidth (NASDAQ: BAND) is a leading global enterprise cloud communications company that helps connect people around the world with cloud-ready voice, messaging, and emergency services. Supported by a global network of over 60 countries representing over 90% of GDP, companies like Cisco, Google, Microsoft, RingCentral, Uber, and Zoom use Bandwidth APIs to easily integrate communications into software and applications. Bandwidth has over 20 years in the technology space and was the first Communication as a Service (CPaaS) platform provider to offer a robust selection of APIs built around our own global network. Our award-winning support teams help businesses around the world solve complex communication challenges every day. More information is available at

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