South Side Sox Bird app recap: Who cares about the score?

Somehow the White Sox have lost two straight games by five runs against the Diamondbacks. Yes, blown twice in a row by Arizona. Is this afternoon the third? We’ll see, but maybe they’ll find a new way to disappoint us! Well, at least Dylan Cease throws, he can’t disappoint us!

This range can, however.

Winner? No, Jerry doesn’t allow it.

Dylan Cease goes 1-2-3 to start first.

As in the last two games, the D’backs scored a run in the second inning, this time Stone Garrett hit his first career home run to make it 1-0 at Arizona.

Very few tweets about the offense so far because, as expected, they literally did nothing.

BBQ parfaits are coming out in force today.

Gavin Sheets is actually playing good outfield defense for once???

Literally two hits so far for the Sox offense. Stop throwing well, but you can’t win without points.

Grandal hits well, in Charlotte, but let’s face it, that probably won’t translate to the majors.

A boring game is just as bad as a terrible game, and this game is both.

Vaughn hits a double to finally breathe some life into the offense, and there are runners at second and third with just one out in the sixth.

Finally, a race.

AJ Pollock singles out Vaughn and hunts Zach Davies. Oh, 2-1 Sox.

Stop processing.

That’s about right for this year.


Hush stop.

The White Sox got into a double play, but Andrew Vaughn is untagged, and after a review, he’s called a safe. Never mind, however; The sheets could not take advantage of it.

Relevant statistics:

The D’backs score one against Graveman, so it’s 3-2, them.

Stand up for the Sox to try and win it (there’s no way we’re winning this):

Andrus doubles and Eloy walks, and there’s a two out in the ninth (still no way to win that) And uhhhh Leury hits hard for Zavala???

As if there was any doubt, the Sox are being swept away by Arizona. Is there still a reason to care?

Except that won’t be the case.

Maybe this rebuilding thing should be handled by real professionals.

Burn down the stadium, fold the team, and give us something better to do with our lives.

The walk is over. Now is the time to throw up all the ups and downs.

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