Shipt & Mars Wrigley Reveal Formula Will Be The Best House In The Neighborhood This Halloween



BIRMINGHAM, Ala., September 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – As Halloween approaches, many Americans will soon begin to wonder how much candy will be needed for the anticipated treats – and what candy purchased will make their home a neighborhood favorite. That is why Shipping and Mars Wrigley have teamed up to help with a cheat sheet, providing a heat map to help determine which candy will attract the most candy, and a formula to guide the correct amount of anticipated candy needed. Whether it’s handing out treats in person or letting them fly through a fun candy chute, the card and formula will determine the amount and type of candy needed for the treats.

“We want to make sure that no candy bowl goes empty on Halloween night, which is why we meticulously broke down and analyzed candy buying data to develop our own candy formula, just in time for Halloween. “said Molly Snyder. , Shipt’s CCO, communications manager turned chief Candy officer. “Shipt is the perfect way to get candy because we deliver items in under an hour. This way the sweet Halloween treats can arrive at the front doors just in time for the treats. “

To calculate how many chocolates, chewing gum, mints, or fruity candies are needed for treats this year, consumers are encouraged to use the following formula:

(T * K * G) + (D * F * S) = pieces of candy divided by 30 = ?? Candy bags

  • T = the time, in number of hours, that you plan to leave the light on
  • K = estimated number of children per hour ringing the doorbell
  • g = the generosity factor (how many coins will be given out at each trick-or-treat)
  • D = the number of days between the initial candy purchase and Halloween
  • F = the number of family members in the household
  • S = the sneaky factor (average candy each member of the household will eat per day)

If rain is forecast, divide the final tally by 1.5.

“With Halloween fast approaching, Mars Wrigley is focused on continuing to demonstrate innovative ways to deliver better times and smiles to consumers, ”said Tim lebel, president of sales for Mars Wrigley US, also known as Mars Wrigley Chief Halloween Officer. “Being able to partner with Shipt to help identify Americans’ candy needs and ensure on-time delivery of some of our most sought-after goodies like SNICKERS, TWIX, and M & Ms will help ensure Halloween goes smoothly. hitch. “

To help you guess when and which candy to buy this year, Shipt found the most popular Mars Wrigley state treatment to provide families with much-needed inspiration. Using purchase data, Shipt found that Halloween is the highest selling day for candy purchases, and with Shipt, it’s okay to be a last-minute shopper and shopper. get the necessary candy within an hour. The majority of states, 17 in total, are “hungry” on New Year’s Eve, preferring SNICKERS® to all other goodies. Nine prefer an oldie but a goodie, M & Ms®, and perhaps the most unique state of all is Vermont, who prefer Life Savers®.

To make things even sweeter for candy lovers across the country, Shipt offers spending shoppers 25 $ get $ 5 instantly off on Mars Wrigley sweets from 10/19 to 10/31.

To meet all of Halloween candy needs this spooky season, visit or @ Ship on Instagram, Facebook Where Twitter. For visuals and media resources, download our press kit here.

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In our diverse and expanding portfolio of confectionery, food and pet care products and services, we employ 125,000 dedicated associates who are all moving in the same direction: moving forward. With 40 billion dollars in annual sales, we produce some of the world’s most popular brands including DOVE®, EXTRA®, M & M’S®, MILKY WAY®, SNICKERS®, TWIX®, ORBIT®, PEDIGREE®, ROYAL CANIN®, SKITTLES®, BEN’S ORIGINAL â„¢, WHISKAS®, COCOAVIA® and 5 â„¢; and care for half of the world’s pets through our nutrition, health and service businesses, including AniCura, Banfield Pet Hospitals â„¢, BluePearl®, Linnaeus and VCA â„¢.

We know that we can only truly be successful if our partners and the communities in which we operate are also thriving. The five principles of Mars – Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom – encourage our Associates to act every day to help create a world of tomorrow in which the planet, its inhabitants and its animals can prosper. The Mars Compass, inspired by the Economy of Mutuality, makes it possible to measure the progress of the company in the service of its raison d’être; The world we want tomorrow starts with the way we do business today.

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Favorite Halloween Candy by State:

  • Alabama: Snickers Minis Chocolate Bars
  • Arizona: M & M’s milk chocolate candies
  • Arkansas: Snickers Fun Size Candy Bars
  • California: Mars Skittles Starbursts Halloween Candy Bag Funny Sized Coins
  • Colorado: TWIX Fun Caramel Chocolate Cookie Bar
  • Connecticut: Mars Skittles Starbursts Halloween Candy Bag Funny Sized Coins
  • District of Colombia: M & M’s milk chocolate
  • Delaware: Skittles Original Fun Size Multipack
  • Florida: SNICKERS Minis Chocolate Candy Bars 18.0 oz Family Size Bag
  • Georgia: Funny M & M’s Milk Chocolate Halloween Candy
  • Hawaii: Milky Way Fun Size Milk Chocolate Chocolate Bars
  • Idaho: M & M’s Minis Milk Chocolate
  • Illinois: Snickers Fun Size Candy Bars
  • Indiana: Snickers Fun Size Candy Bars
  • Iowa: Original Starburst Fruit Chews
  • Kansas: TWIX Fun Caramel Chocolate Cookie Bar
  • Kentucky: Snickers Fun Size Candy Bars
  • Louisiana: Snickers Fun Size Candy Bars
  • Maine: Starburst FaveREDs share size
  • Maryland: Snickers Fun Size Candy Bars
  • Massachusetts: TWIX Fun Caramel Chocolate Cookie Bar
  • Michigan: Snickers Fun Size Candy Bars
  • Minnesota: Snickers Fun Size Candy Bars
  • Mississippi: M & M’s milk chocolate candies
  • Missouri: 3 MUSKETEERS Fun size chocolate bars
  • Montana: Orbit Spearmint Sugar Free Gum Multipack – 14 sticks
  • North Carolina: Snickers Fun Size Candy Bars
  • North Dakota: Skittles Original Fun Size Multipack
  • Nebraska: Milky Way Single Sized Milk Chocolate Bar
  • Nevada: M & M’s Fun Size Glow-in-the-Dark Milk Chocolate Trick Or Treat Packs
  • New Hampshire: Original Skittles Corked Candies
  • New Jersey: Snickers Fun Size Candy Bars
  • New Mexico: M & M’s, Peanut milk chocolate candies
  • new York: Snickers Fun Size Candy Bars
  • Ohio: Skittles Original Fun Size Multipack
  • Oklahoma: Snickers Fun Size Candy Bars
  • Oregon: Milky Way Fun Size Milk Chocolate Chocolate Bars
  • Pennsylvania: TWIX Fun Caramel Chocolate Cookie Bar
  • Rhode Island: Starburst Original Family Size Chews
  • Caroline from the south: Snickers Fun Size Candy Bars
  • South Dakota: M & M’s peanut milk chocolate candies
  • Tennessee: M & M’s milk chocolate candies
  • Texas: TWIX Minis Caramel Chocolate Candy Bar Candy
  • Utah: TWIX Fun Caramel Chocolate Cookie Bar
  • Vermont: Life Savers Gummies 5 Flavors Gummy Candy
  • Virginia: Snickers Fun Size Candy Bars
  • Washington: TWIX Fun Caramel Chocolate Cookie Bar
  • West Virginia: Original Skittles Corked Candies
  • Wisconsin: Snickers Fun Size Candy Bars
  • Wyoming: Snickers Fun Size Chocolate Bars

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