North Bay Police Caught 15-Year-Old Buying LSD Online

The Benicia Police Department is warning parents to track their children’s online purchases after they caught a 15-year-old buying LSD from another country on the internet.

The U.S. Postal Inspection Department and Service intercepted a shipment of 50 doses of LSD ordered overseas by the young buyer, police mentioned. A photo shared by the department shows a sheet of LSD tabs slipped into a plastic trading card sleeve and included with two other Magic: The Collecting cards. The Solano County District Attorney’s Office is reviewing the case and considering charges, police said.

“Most importantly, we want to educate parents and guardians about this incident,” the department said. “With the ease of technology, illegal drugs are becoming more accessible to everyone. Make sure you are aware of all the transactions your children make online.”

The drug market has grown online in recent years and drug cryptomarkets are home to illicit drug sellers operating in a hidden part of the internet known as the “dark net”. Teenagers can use common social media apps and encrypted messaging apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp to buy drugs from other countries.

A survey by the Tech Transparency Project found that it’s easy for teens aged 13 to 17 to buy drugs through Instagram and called it a “drug pipeline for kids.”

“When a hypothetical teenage user logged into the Instagram app, it only took two clicks to get to an account selling drugs like Xanax. In contrast, it took more than double the number of clicks – five – for the teenager to log out of Instagram,” the report said.

In March, the Facebook-owned social media platform introduced a new tool called Family Center that allows parents to monitor their children. accounts.

Snapchat took steps this year to detect drug-related content and work with law enforcement. The company said on his blog that he has “zero tolerance for promoting illegal drugs on Snapchat” and prohibits the purchase or sale of illegal or regulated drugs.

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