Minecraft Mob Vote cheat sheet helps you choose your allegiance

The Minecraft crowd vote is coming fast and offers a rare chance to influence how sandbox gaming develops in the future. Minecraft mobs come in many shapes and sizes, but aside from occasionally trying to kill you, they can also have many different uses.

The only problem with things like that is that you have to make a tough decision. This year’s Minecraft crowd vote lets players choose between the Sniffer, a cute little dinosaur; the rascal, a mischievous mob that can give you loot; and the tuff golem, which can apparently help you move things around. It’s a tough choice as they all have their own charms, although given that you can already dress up in a Minecraft sniffer skin, we think there might be a favorite.

If you’re struggling to pick a favorite ahead of next week’s vote, you’ll be glad to know you’re not alone. In order to help you out, a Redditor called BunnyBiene has put together a kind of little cheat sheet with a little overview of each of the Minecraft mobs, as well as what they would add to the game if they won the vote.

I have gathered all the information on the 3 popular vote candidates that I could find. Hope this helps you decide which band you want to vote for. from Minecraft

In terms of usability, the tuff golem seems to be the most useful, although random freezing and waking up might be a weird little feature. However, the sniffer could be a great way to add a little more horticulture to the game, and it would also be nice to see an old mob in the game as well.

If you’re looking for more ways to uncover cool secrets, we recommend checking out our list of Minecraft console commands and cheats. We also have you covered if you are also looking for the best Minecraft mods.

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