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Take this free cheat sheet which lists all Hulu keyboard shortcuts and voice commands for Google Assistant and Alexa.

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With around 100 million subscribers, Hulu’s popularity is beyond doubt. It’s the only place to watch shows and movies, with subscriptions starting at just $ 5.99 / month.

You can watch Hulu on just about any modern device imaginable, whether it’s your desktop computer, smartphone, smart TV, or game console.

If you’re a subscriber to Hulu, you’ll want to check out this list of shortcuts and voice commands. With these, you can navigate and control Hulu with ease. You don’t need to find the controller or click through the menus; just press a few keys or say a command and the job is done.

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Hulu keyboard shortcuts and voice commands

Tongue Go to the next page element
Shift + Tab Go to the previous page element
Enter Select a page element
Up / down arrow Scroll up / down
Space bar Go to section on next page
Tongue Open the player controls, then browse through them
Shift + Tab Switch to previous player control
Enter Select button
Left / Right Arrow Increase / decrease volume or rewind / fast forward (depending on context)
Space bar Pause / play video
Escape Enter picture-in-picture mode
F Full screen mode
“OK Google, play Keyboard Shortcuts and Voice Assistant Commands on Hulu “ Plays or resumes playing the named title
“OK Google, pause” Pause video
“OK Google, play” Play video
“OK Google, stop” Stop video
“OK Google, rewind” 30 second rewind
“OK Google, rewind # minutes / seconds” Rewind the specified amount
“OK Google, fast forward” Fast forward 30 seconds
“OK Google, fast forward # minutes / seconds” Fast forward the specified amount
“Alexa, open Hulu” Launch the Hulu app
“Alexa, find [title/genre] on Hulu “ Show search results for your query
“Alexa, move up / down / right / left” Navigate in this direction
“Alexa, select” Select the current item
“Alexa, play [title/network] on Hulu “ Start playing the specified item
“Alexa, play the next episode” Read the next episode
“Alexa, play next” Read the next episode or the title “Up Next”
“Alexa, skip the episode” Go to the next episode
“Alexa, previous” Read the previous episode
“Alexa, change channel to [network] on Hulu “ Play the specified live channel
“Alexa, play” Start reading
“Alexa, take a break” Pause reading
“Alexa, stop” Stop reading and return to the previous page
“Alexa, rewind” Rewind at first speed interval
“Alexa, rewind # seconds / minutes” Rewind the specified amount
“Alexa, come back to the beginning” Start video from the beginning
“Alexa, fast forward” Fast forward to the first speed interval
“Alexa, go ahead” Fast forward 10 seconds
“Alexa, fast forward # seconds / minutes” Fast forward the specified amount
Echo show
“Alexa, open Hulu” Open the page to sign in or register for Hulu
“Alexa, open channels on Hulu” Open page with available live TV channels
“Alexa, move up / down / right / left” Move in a specified direction
“Alexa, scroll up / down / right / left” Move in threes in the specified direction
“Alexa, select” Open selected item
“Alexa, turn subtitles on / off” Toggle subtitles

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