Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet: 2022 Customizable Rankings and Projections – Afternoon Cuts Update

What you’ll find below is exactly what it sounds like in the title: a fully customizable cheat sheet that lets you enter your league’s rules and settings – and even edit stats and projections – and end up with a set of ratings and projections unique to your personal fantasy football needs.

All I ask is that you read the instructions.

It’s a pretty deep (but ultimately very amazing) tool with a lot of interconnected parts. But once you learn it, it’s surprisingly easy (and fun – you can run Geno Smith for 700 meters if you want). And if you’re wrong, I’ll be there in the comments to help you out. Have fun… and good luck!!

If you want the condensed version, it’s this one: Go to individual team pages to make changes to player stats/projections, scroll right on these pages to make sure you don’t miss anything (input fields go all the way to the AH column), only change stuff in yellow, and trust that the tool is still doing its job in the background as you make changes. I also added an instruction page in the sheet to help you keep everything in one place. But here is the longer version of the primer:

Pre-Instruction Note: If you don’t have Excel, here’s a link to Office 365, which you can access for free (you may need to create an account).

UPDATES?: Yes! This fantasy football cheat sheet will be frequently updated to reflect all major news and injuries. Whenever there is a leaderboard update, we will also update this tool). And please read everything, including the intro, because if you ask a question that you’ve already answered, you might fall victim to Mutombo.

UPDATED August 30

TOO: The only rating categories I project are the included ones. So, apologies, but if you have bonuses or additional categories like first tries, there’s no way to count them.

1. Go to each team’s tabs to make changes

In other words, if you want to edit Jameis Winston’s fantasy points, you need to go to the New Orleans tab and edit it. You cannot simply enter a new fantasy point total in the Leaderboards tab. It will mess things up down the line.

2. Keep Scrolling Right for the Good Stuff

A fair amount of yellow cells are to the right of the team pages, and you might not see them unless you scroll to the right. Once you are there, you are going to have fun.

The way this sheet works, you can’t edit Devin Singletary’s yards or rush attempts directly in the cells – everything is connected to everything else in order to make the sorting and ranking work. Instead, if you want to change Singletary’s rushing yards, you’ll need to change a few things:

  1. COLUMN V “YD PER CARRY” – if you think Singletary will have a better (or worse) YPC
  2. COLUMN X “TD PER CARRY” – if you think he will score at a higher (or lower) clip
  3. COLUMN Z “YD PER RECP” – if you want to change his receiving prowess
  4. COLUMN AF “EDIT RUSH SHARE” – to give it more ranges in the background. PLEASE NOTE: When you increase Singletary by 7%, you will need to decrease other people by 7%. Otherwise you will cause “TOT SHR” (total share) to go over 100% (I turned it red so you know) and things won’t be calculated correctly. More on that below.
  5. COLUMN AG and AH to change target share and TD share. That should make enough sense at this point to move on, right? we basically modify the numbers in the yellow cells, and these then feed into and create/modify the player’s projections.

3. Meet “TOT SHR” in the AF column – he will be your worst enemy if you do not set some things correctly

Check the red “TOT SHR” box in the AF column (bottom right of the page). You want this number to be less than 100 and not red. In the screenshot above you can see how the W column hasn’t adapted to the new numbers in AF. Once we bring the AF back below 100%, the W column adjusts accordingly, and all is well with the world (see screenshot below). Basically, you can’t have more than 100% of a team’s rushes (or receptions, or whatever stats you play with). That’s all it does.

4. Adjusting pass and rush percentage

Rows 30 and 31 are great fun. Changing these numbers will shift the position projections accordingly. Just be aware that if you think the Cardinals will pass 65% of the time, this will automatically lower the peak percentage to 35%. And your RBs (and Kyler Murray’s rushing yards) will drop accordingly.

5. Row tabs

  • POS ranks: automatic sorting with all changes made for the new FPS
  • OVR and VORP ranks: automatically sorts by Value vs. Substitute Playerand changes from positional (orange) to Globally (blue) to WR and TE combined (yellow) for all rating types
  • Ranks w Proj: automatically sorts all changes to the new FPS, but also displays projections for each player
  • Jake’s Ranks: These are MY RANKINGS, which differ some of the projection based rankings (I might be willing to bet on a player missing the first few weeks on a less produced player per game). Auction values ​​readjust for my ranks

Projection Defaults and Notes

  • Pass TD = 4pt
  • All other TDs = 6pt
  • 25 passing yards = 1pt
  • 10 meters rushing/receiving = 1pt
  • Default Sort = Half PPR
  • League/Budget = 12 teams/$200

Questions or concerns, drop them below! I am here to help you !

(Photos by Andy Lyons/Getty Images — Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

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