DuckDuckGo’s cheat sheet feature is awesome


The DuckDuckGo search engine is primarily known for its privacy, but it also offers a little-known productivity feature. You can quickly bring up lists of keyboard shortcuts or basic code using a cheat sheet search.

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Let’s say you want to be more handy with shortcuts and hotkeys when browsing the web. On desktop or mobile, just search chrome cheatsheet in DuckDuckGo, and you’ll get a snippet of useful keyboard shortcuts for Chrome.

Chrome Browser Shortcuts Cheat Sheet in DuckDuckGo

You can click “Show more” for a more comprehensive list, or “More on Chrome Help” for a full guide.

You can find shortcuts and hotkeys for other apps by replacing chrome with the name of another application, such as Firefox or Photoshop. It’s much faster than trying to find and navigate the app’s user guide, and the “More” button will usually link to that user guide if you need it.

This feature works with more than just apps, however. You’ll find cheat sheets for Windows, Mac, and even Linux desktop environments like GNOME and i3. Programming languages ​​such as Python and C are also covered with basic code explanations, as well as markup languages ​​like HTML and Markdown.

HTML tags cheat sheet in DuckDuckGo.

It should be noted that the project behind the feature, called DuckDuckHack, is unfortunately on hiatus while DuckDuckGo focuses on its privacy features. Because of this, you might come across outdated information. We hope that the DuckDuckGo team will revive the project soon, because it is an exceptionally useful tool that you don’t get in any other popular search engine.

If you find the cheat sheet feature handy yourself, you can search even faster by making DuckDuckGo your default search engine.

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