Call of Duty League Minneosta Rokkr Major 2 Cheat Sheet

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Call of Duty Major 2 is upon us, and it’s time to take a look at players to target and players to disappear before the second major of the CDL season, hosted by Minnesota Rokkr.

Players to target


On a team with Shotzzy, Dashy and iLLeY, Scump might still be the best player. The SMG has been in dominant form and now that it is back on its throne, it has shown no signs of resigning. The most impressive track for Scump? He was better with the AR than with the SMG. On Gavutu, especially when Scump is pushed to pick up the longer range rifles, he’s been exceptionally good. The only concern for Scump and any member of OpTic Texas is a potential Round 2 matchup with FaZe, which is the only competitive team with OpTic.


What does Methodz eat for breakfast in the morning? GOAT ios? There’s good form, there’s red, and then there’s everything Methodz is. Let’s call its form SN 1987A, because this AR is the hottest thing in the universe right now, and supernovas need to pull out. At Stage 2, Methodz has an overall K/D of 1.38, nearly 0.15 better than Dashy. What? Just what? His SND K/D? 1.61. Methodz is absolutely on fire right now, and Boston is one of the top four teams in the CDL right now. A first-round game against the unarmed LA Guerillas ahead of a likely clash with London also gives Methodz all sorts of advantages.


Well, it’s weird, but honestly, at this point, there’s nothing to be confused about here. Temp has been an outstanding fantasy player throughout the season, and his Stage 2 form has been brilliant. I will even say it quietly, with John and Jimbo in form too, Paris is not in the last four of the CDL. They may start in the lower bracket, but Temp and co. will likely face Florida in their first game and it’s a very winnable contest. Temp had the fifth highest K/D in Stage 2, sandwiched between Cellium and Simp. Society doesn’t get much better than that.

Players to disappear


Spart was never meant to play in the Major 2, but sometimes life gets in the way and Gunless faces a variety of illnesses. In the end, it’s a kind of “free space” of fades. Spart is far from a bad player, but we’ve seen time and time again how difficult it is to make the leap from the Challengers to the league. Spart and LA Guerillas are unfortunate fadeouts, after an honestly brilliant run of Stage 2 qualifying. things and try to catch some. other teams off guard. However, it is hard to trust this for fantasy purposes.


Oh LA thieves, what have you done. Many thought it was one of the top three teams in the CDL, but in Stage 2 they finished 11th, and it wasn’t a struggling player, Envoy was the best of a bad group… with a 0.97 KD. What an absolute parody of a “Prince of Thieves” performance. Envoy is a good player and LA Thieves should actually be a good team, and yet here we are. From the bottom bracket, it’s hard to trust Envoy or Thieves, especially since they could be kicked out of the tournament on day one. Envoy and Thieves certainly have the advantage of coming in for a huge run in the lower bracket, but we can only go on what we were shown, and LA Thieves didn’t show anything in Stage 2.


Toronto Ultra had a tough Stage 2, and no one felt it more than Bance, who found himself at the bottom of most stats. The game leader and SMG for Ultra has been mediocre throughout the 2022 season and just not worth targeting. It was a mediocre game for Ultra, and aside from maybe Cammy, it’s hard to trust anyone among the 2021 Champs finalists. Bance has the potential to bounce back, but combined with a recent case of COVID, it’s unclear. not what shape Bance will be in for Major 2.

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